All of Toyota Avalon's technology features are worth noting, but our Ramey Toyota team highlighted the following two for your info. Trend-forward tech is partly why Avalon continues to dominate the full-size sedan category. It's efficiency, power, handling and safety features are also very competitive.

Pro-Quality Surround Sound

You spend quite a bit of daily time in your ride, so its sound system needs to suit your commute into Princeton or your weekend road trips. Avalon's 1200-watt sound system is a 14-speaker JBL 7.1 surround sound system. Its intelligent array of tweeters, mids and woofers puts the driver and passengers in the middle of rich, plump harmonics worthy of a movie theater.

Apple CarPlay

?A banging sound system needs a standout playlist. Thanks to Apple CarPlay, Avalon's audio multimedia system interfaces with your compatible iPhone, letting you rock playlists from your phone or from iTunes via Avalon's sound system. You can also obtain directions, make calls and manage messages.


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