If you are interested in owning a full-sized sedan that has a great track-record of reliability, consider the Toyota Avalon now available at Ramey Toyota. The Toyota Avalon provides you with a comfortable ride, and the technology features in the vehicle are thoroughly up-to-date. This vehicle provides fuel-efficient performance.

The standard engine on the Toyota Avalon is a 3.5 liter V6 that provides 301 horsepower. The engine is equipped with variable valve timing and direct injection. This efficient engine averages 31 mpg during highway driving. The eight-speed automatic transmission allows for smooth shifting.

If you desire top performance in a vehicle, you want a vehicle that will give you a comfortable ride without bumpiness and rolling. The Toyota Avalon is equipped with an adaptive variable suspension. This suspension provides damping adjustments to even out the ride and reduce the impact of uneven roads and bad spots in the pavement.


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