Consider the Safety Features of the Toyota Yaris

Are you trying to find a small but safe car that you can use to get around? The popular subcompact from Toyota, the Yaris, is a safe vehicle that will help you get around in a reliable way.

There is a safety system in place on the Toyota Yaris that includes a Brake Assist and Brake Override System. This vehicle is set up with all of the little features that you need to stay fully in control of your vehicle and to avoid becoming involved in any kind of collisions.

It is important that you use your windshield wipers to clear away the rain when it is falling from the sky so that you can fully see the road in front of you. It can be helpful to have wipers that adjust their speed based on the amount of rain that is falling on the windshield. The Toyota Yaris offers rain sensing wipers to help you stay safe.



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