Two Exciting Toyota Tacoma Safety Features

Visit Ramey Toyota if you're in the market for a new midsize pickup truck. The Toyota Tacoma comes with an abundance of safety features that you'll certainly appreciate.

The Toyota Tacoma is going to help keep you safer as you drive on the highways. Rear sensors scan the road and can identify as traffic begins moving too close to your vehicle. If another motorist is in your blind spot, this is when your side mirror on that side begins flashing so you are aware what lane to steer clear of until that vehicle has safely moved on.

The new Tacoma is going to transform the way that you drive on the highway. Sensors on the front of your vehicle are going to scan the road ahead after you choose your cruising speed. Locating a lead vehicle, a safe buffer is created, and your vehicle will now accelerate or brake as needed automatically, helping keep you safer on those crowded roads.



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