The Toyota Prius Guards Against Collisions

Have you ever hit a large animal, such as a deer, and thought, " If only I had seen it sooner." If it's never happened to you, maybe it's happened to someone you know. Now, imagine if that animal had been a person. That's an even worse feeling, right? With the popular compact hybrid, the Toyota Prius, you'll have the technology features that can prevent that situation.

With the Pre-Collision With Pedestrian Detection System, your Prius will scan the road for potential obstacles and alert you if one is present. If you fail to brake, the vehicle will do it for you. And the Automatic High Beams will turn your high beams on and off, depending on whether there is an oncoming vehicle. With your high beams on at the right times, you'll be able to see potential obstacles in the road more quickly without worrying that they'll become a distraction to other motorists.

If you think that it's time to check out the Prius, come to Ramey Toyota for a test drive.



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