Important Toyota Corolla Safety Features You'll Appreciate

One thing the team at Ramey Toyota likes to do is educate buyers before they spend money on a new car. Consider a few of these features in the Toyota Corolla that helped make it one of the popular compact cars this year.

The all-new Toyota Corolla is going to change the way that you drive at high-speed. Activate the Adaptive Cruise Control by selecting your desired speed and the forward-mounted sensors start to scan far ahead of your vehicle for a lead car. Once located, the system sets a safe driving zone and will maintain that distance by braking and accelerating automatically.

To help drivers from getting in a rear-end collision, the new Toyota Corolla now comes with the Pre-Collision Assist system. If a collision-risk is detected, this system can alert the driver with a warning and then begin to pre-charge the brakes to try to slow it down in time before causing an accident.



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