Toyota Safety Sense™ Pre-Collision System: Accessing Settings and How It Works

If you have recently purchased a Toyota vehicle, and you have the Toyota Safety Sense™ Pre-Collision System, you can get added confidence while on the road. If you acquire Toyota Safety Sense™ C, the system will alert you when there is a vehicle in front of your car. If your vehicle has Toyota Safety Sense™ P, you will get the added element of Pedestrian Detection with your Pre-Collision System.

While you are on your daily commute here in Princeton, WV, the Toyota Safety Sense™ Pre-Collision System will help with your safety by avoiding a possible frontal collision. If something gets detected, you will get an audio and visual alert to apply the car’s brakes. If you don’t respond to the alerts, then the system also has the capability to reduce the vehicle’s speed and help to apply the brakes. If you want to access the settings to put the system on or turn it off, you can do so conveniently with the steering wheel!

If you have questions about the Toyota Safety Sense™ Pre-Collision System for your vehicle, or you would like to take a look at our Toyota vehicles that offer the system, some see us at Ramey Toyota.

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