Give Yourself the Tools to Get Unstuck

If you are traveling in the winter, you want to be prepared. You should travel with an emergency kit in your vehicle, and you should travel with a bag of salt, sand, or litter in your truck as well. If you have sand, salt, or liter, you will be able to throw some under your tires to get unstuck really quickly.

Come see us here at Ramey Toyota so that we can get your vehicle properly tuned up and ready for the winter season. A little bit of maintenance will go a long way to preventing car trouble and having to shell out for costly repairs. Sand is a great go-to item to get yours out of a slippery situation. It is also fairly cheap to buy. Salt will also do the trick, but if you get any on your car, you should get your car washed pronto to prevent rust.

For more information before winter begins to arrive in full force, stop into our showroom at Princeton, WV today!

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